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Break A Leg

Posted on January 13th, 2011, by Petra

But, poor darling – not like that – and not two days before our trip to Europe!

True Aficionados

Posted on August 13th, 2010, by Petra

They show their love for the sport – always and everywhere.

Charge Down

Posted on March 2nd, 2010, by Petra

Law 12 of the International Rugby Laws: Charge Down If a player charges down the ball as an opponent kicks it, or immediately after the kick, it is not a knock-on even though the ball may travel forward. Too complicated? Not at all – this is a perfect example:

92 Years

Posted on October 17th, 2009, by Petra

On October 9th, 2009, the International Olympic Committee finally voted for Ruby to be included in the Olympic Games again. 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, Rugby will be played, 92 years after the last time at the Olympic Games in France in 1924. Way back then the US won Gold (just like at the games […]

Forever Strong

Posted on October 3rd, 2008, by admin

So the first American movie about rugby opened in selected cinemas on September 26th and of course we went to see it. Normally sport movies are not my thing – I’d rather work or do other things than sit and stare at a screen watching some actors pretending to be athletes; but once again, with […]

As Seen…

Posted on July 2nd, 2008, by Petra

on the parking lot at a rugby tournament: That’s the spirit.

That Perfect Moment

Posted on April 28th, 2008, by Petra

Coming out of the scrum, going for it.

Start Them Young…

Posted on March 23rd, 2008, by Petra

…then see what happens. This applies to all sports, but for Rugby in SoCal this formula has shown amazing results. In 29 youth clubs located between San Diego and San Luis Obispo more than 2,000 players aged between 5 and 18 are active. They love the sport, the camaraderie, the ability to get involved in […]

An Evening With The Terminator (No Politics Involved)

Posted on November 4th, 2007, by Petra

One of the occasions when the rugby community in SoCal defies all preconception of what a rugby players looks like is the Griffin Awards Ceremony and Rugby Ball. The players (female and male) attend in elegant evening attire, raucous rugger songs are replaced by gentle background music, wine and cocktails are being sipped instead of […]

The Invisible Sport

Posted on September 14th, 2007, by Petra

Considering that the US is the reigning Olympic rugby champion, the sport itself is rather invisible. If you now do a double take and say “what?” – this fact is little known outside of rugby circles, but true. Rugby was played at the Olympics in 1900 (Paris), 1908 (London), 1920 (Antwerp) and 1924 (Paris). 1920 […]