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Gimpy Rides Out

Posted on January 31st, 2011, by Petra

“That’s Mr. Gimpy for you!”


Posted on January 26th, 2011, by Petra

From cast to a boot, fit for Frankenstein’s monster: This is progress indeed. Now for four more weeks with this contraption.

We're Back

Posted on December 19th, 2009, by admin

Two weeks ago there was a complete and utter failure at 1&1 Web Hosting.  We don’t know what happened, and we don’t know how many sites were destroyed.  We can’t even get anyone at 1&1 to admit that “mistakes were made.”  Here’s how I imagine that they fixed the problem: At any rate…we are back […]

My Favorite Month of Rugby

Posted on February 2nd, 2007, by admin

We’ve been subscribing to Setanta Sports through DirectTV for a year now. They air all the Rugby that’s fit to watch, including Magner’s League, Premiership and Super 14. All very high level and watchable at times, but this time of year is the time for the very best: Heineken Cup and Six Nations. After watching […]

Welcome to The Frogpond!

Posted on April 27th, 2006, by admin

First day and first post. I have set up WordPress and will now pass it along to the others.