2 thoughts on “That Perfect Moment”

  1. Is one of those rugged guys your husband? From what I can see, they all look “bed-worthy”.

  2. LOL, Karen! I showed your comment to my husband, he burst out laughing.

    Actually, he was taking part, but as a touch judge. The game was a rather high-profile one, the playoffs for the return into SCRFU Division 1, so we are talking top level rugby here. At games like this, on this level, the touch judges, too, are qualified referees. When my husband hung up his boots as an active player a couple of years ago, he went over to the “dark side” – he wanted to stay involved with the sport and contemplated either coaching or refereeing. As coaching takes up a lot of time, I suggested that refereeing might be more suited to our lifestyle. So he still gets out once a week to run around a pitch with the players, having fun. Okay, sometimes the level of fun is rather low, because you know how it is – losing teams can get quite vocal about the referee whose fault it is that they lost the game.

    However, a couple of times a year he still goes out and plays, on an “old boys” team. Big fun for everybody, as these guys have so many years, decades even, of experience, that they even can stand up against younger players. In rugby one needs more than being fast and furious – brain and technique are as important.

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