We're Back

Two weeks ago there was a complete and utter failure at 1&1 Web Hosting.  We don’t know what happened, and we don’t know how many sites were destroyed.  We can’t even get anyone at 1&1 to admit that “mistakes were made.”  Here’s how I imagine that they fixed the problem:

Did a German Server Administrator trip?
Did a German Server Administrator trip?

At any rate…we are back (no thanks to 1&1), and let’s hope we can stay.  A little freshening up seemed in order.  Something more “make out-of-staters jealous of Californians.”  Enjoy!

Forever Strong


So the first American movie about rugby opened in selected cinemas on September 26th and of course we went to see it. Normally sport movies are not my thing – I’d rather work or do other things than sit and stare at a screen watching some actors pretending to be athletes; but once again, with this being the first US film featuring rugby – so, yes, that was a must.

First things first: the movie was not as bad as expected.  It certainly is not a highlight in the history of cinema, just a pleasant run-of-the-mill story about sport being a way of redemption for some troubled young man.

But – and this is what made the film enjoyable, leaving the slightly cookie cutter-story aside –  the rugby scene were marvelous (as they should be, especially as real All-American rugby players were involved). Yes, I know, editing and sound mix and whatnot do play their part; still, these scenes were so great, I could watch the film all over again.

Really – even though I do not like sport movies.

My Favorite Month of Rugby

Irish Rugby

We’ve been subscribing to Setanta Sports through DirectTV for a year now. They air all the Rugby that’s fit to watch, including Magner’s League, Premiership and Super 14. All very high level and watchable at times, but this time of year is the time for the very best: Heineken Cup and Six Nations.

After watching the Heineken Cup drama of 2006 with both Leinster and Munster going for the cup vs. the best of English and French Rugby, I was hooked. Seeing these teams fight it out in the Magner’s League paled in comparison. Both teams are still in it this year, but not favored. I’m beginning to appreciate the Llanelli (Wales) Scarlets after watching them dominate Ulster and London Irish.

This month the Heineken Cup takes a break for Six Nations Rugby. This is the year for Irish Rugby fans. 2006 was slightly satisfying, with Ireland taking the Triple Crown (wins over England, Scotland and Wales). This year should see them seal the deal over France. The best Irish players are at their peak: O’Gara, O’Driscoll, O’Connell. Oh my.

England is falling back on some old geezers, trying to capture the faded glory of 2003 and Jonny fever. Good luck with that. France is dropping out of the race, despite all their brilliance last year. The big test for Ireland will be this weekend vs. Wales. Thank goodness for Tivo.

Tonight is The Night

It looks like a good crowd will be at the Vinoteca tonight.  There is food (Italian and Brazilian) available along with a large assortment of wine and one or two good beers.  I had to bring my own Heifeweizen glass a few months ago, but now they use it whenever I arrive.

They are very upset about the results of the Brazilian team in the World Cup, so stay away from the subject.  Petra is not so broken up about Germany’s last second loss to Italy, but really…Italy’s entire team should get a nomination for Best Actresses.

Presents are not necessary and there’s no real need to dress up.  If you’re lucky you can throw down for one of the two glasses of wine that Petra will drink on any given night.

Birthday Gathering – July 5

I know, I know, you’re going to be out of town, or just getting back to town, or some such thing, but it’s Petra’s Birthday!! Really! What could be more important than that!

We’ll be at Vinoteca at 1968 Hillhurst Ave (Hillhurst and Finley) from 6:30 on. Have a wine, a beer, some Brazilian food. Hang out with us at our favorite place.

RSVP or call when you get lost: Bill @ 323-359-0454