As Requested (Cat Content)

Portrait of a cat resting after a well deserved breakfast.


Julchen’s comment: “Of course it is well deserved.  Why do you think my humans can sleep so well and carefree at night? Because I am prowling the house, taking care that no pesky invaders disturb their sleep. See? I am a working cat. And don’t get me started on that lazy Siamese. Sleeps all night and still gets fed in the morning. Life is cruel and unfair.”

6 thoughts on “As Requested (Cat Content)”

  1. All cats are beautiful. And I love your cats, so big and fluffy.

    I assume that they are all wearing their summer haircuts right now.

  2. Yes, Julchen is quite the cat – pitch black with just one small white spot on her tummy. We sometimes jokingly say that this white spot got her disqualified from cauldron stirring school; this refers to a shop we have here, only a short distance away, selling all kinds of potions, oils and other stuff for “white magic.” (Okay, don’t raise your eyebrows, this is delightfully wacky SoCal. But if you should need a wand, let me know – I’ll tell you where to go.)

    The logo of this shop shows a black cat stirring a cauldron. On the website one can read this:

    “Black cats are considered very lucky to witches. This oil is made here at our store, the cat hair donated by a beloved familiar of our staff.”

    And the houses – yes, I only put up two, but there are more. But more would be a bit of an overload, I am afraid.

  3. Ha, I love wacky witchy and voodoo stuff. My daughter had a voodoo doll for good luck when she was playing soccer. She would stick it in the goal net (she was keeper). I have 3 authentic voodoo dolls, made by a 3rd generation high-priestess in New Orleans. They sit and look at me from the bookshelf to the right of my desk.

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