The Bunny, The Frat House And The Hen

Once, on a flight to the US, I was so bored that I decided to watch a comedy on offer, “Legally Blonde.” About 10 minutes into the film I was giggling and enjoying myself hugely. Talk about East Coast / West Coast stereotypes and what a good script and a delightful main character can make out of that! One of my many favorite moments was the sequence where the West Coast girl turns up at a frat party dressed as a Playboy bunny, because she was told it was a costume party. Eek, bitchy East Coasters.

Anyway, we see our heroine walking up the steps of the frat house in her shiny satiny pink bunny outfit, fluffy tail, ears and all, stepping through this door:


Yes, and I stepped through this door too – but rest assured, not adorned in pink satin. This is the door to the Perry House at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles. Filming was done here


and in the house next door, the Hale House.


The Heritage Square Museum is an example of how deeply some care about the history of Los Angeles and the architectural history of the US and to what lengths they go to preserve it for future generations. It is well worth a visit for anyone coming into town, whether as a tourist or to settle here. To get a peek into the houses, take the tour (weekends only).

Although it is a museum, some live there:


See, if bunnies can hop into houses, mother hens can parade their chicks around.They might not wear pink satin, but they do have fluffy backsides.

6 thoughts on “The Bunny, The Frat House And The Hen”

  1. Okay, I’ve been embarrassed to admit it all these years, but I love that movie, too. I’ve watched it several times. It’s so delicious when she gets revenge on all of them. The homes are beautiful.

  2. Embarrassed? But why? I liked it so much that I made William sit down and watch it too. Turns out, he was as delighted as I was. 🙂

  3. Well, I figured most people considered it a teen flick, and I’m hardly a teen. But it is funny as hell. I recorded and watched “Stripes” today. I hadn’t seen it in years. It’s still as funny as I remembered. I still love “Animal House” too. I promise you, we had a fraternity at our college that “Animal House” must have been based on. They were such bad boys, and I liked them! I had a couple of really good friends and a boyfriend in that fraternity. The boyfriend was one of the best card players I’ve ever met. I think by the time we broke up I owed him $1,248,932.53 at gin rummy. He was a wonderful bridge player too. We spent many happy hours playing bridge. And other things. Not cards.

  4. Bridge! I haven’t played in years and years and I would love to play again. Somehow it does not seem to be very big here.

    As to Fraternities, I only had one experience with them; a friend of mine was a member in a mixed fraternity, a “singing frat.” That was fun and they did get some really good stuff up and going.

    But then fraternities/sororities in Germany are a bit different from the ones in the US. If you want to read up on them:

  5. Very interesting. The networking & partying aspects are the same, but fraternities and sororities are all about elitism, not egalitarianism.

  6. Legally blonde is one of the best of its kind.

    I love the pictures too, by the way.

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