Not For The Faint Of Heart

There is nothing one cannot buy in Los Angeles. Well, maybe not quite – as far as I know “Rouladennadeln” are not available, but maybe they are, I just haven’t found that secret little store yet where they are on offer. But apart from that, everything is on sale in Los Angeles.

Let’s leave aside the more … hmmm… exotic merchandise and concentrate on groceries. I know a lot of people who have the same goal as I have – getting the best deals while having fun at the same time. So there are the supermarkets from regular to upscale. Nice, but not that much fun. Then there are the tiny stores, always interesting, but with a limited variety of goods. Farmer’s Markets – more like an alternative to a county fair. Now, who buys groceries at a county fair? But sometimes they do have petting zoos, so that is nice.

And then there is the Super King (2716 N San Fernando Rd).


The Super King is big on wonderful fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, spices, wines and spirits, huge varieties of all things Middle Eastern, an even larger variety of things one does not know what it is / can’t find out what it is / finds out what it is and wishes one hadn’t. All at amazingly low prices. I mean, Amazingly! Low! The store is like the US equivalent of  a bazaar in Istanbul – big, big fun.

Of course a store like this has lots of lovers of all things good and inexpensive. Which means, crowds. Which means, always waiting to get a spot on the parking lot. Which means, long lines at the deli counter. Which means, shopping cart gridlock. Which means, all the things the average shopper dislikes one encounters here.

So, I would not suggest this store for the faint of heart. Those who prefer dainty trips through Gelson’s might feel a bit out of place. But lovers of perfect merchandise, with a sense for the adventurous and new will not find a better place to shop.

6 thoughts on “Not For The Faint Of Heart”

  1. Some of the Austin Facebook friends have started a “Bring Trader Joe’s to Austin” group. My favorite place to go is Whole Foods. There flagship store in downtown Austin is absolutely divine to browse in. I could spend hours.

  2. “Their” flagship store, not “there”. I swear, blogging has made my spelling quite bad.

  3. I might have mentioned the problem I have with Whole Foods. They are too much into this “we sell you what is good, and you better pay for it.”

    They open up the divide between the “can pay for it” and the “really can’t afford it” groups far too much for my taste.Even though I can understand the marketing and profit raising principle behind it, it grates on me. So I try to avoid the stores on principle. Just as I absolutely boycott Wal Mart on principle. I do vote with my feet. 🙂

    TJ however – oh yes, yes – anytime, any day.

  4. Whole Foods is definitely overpriced. But as I have a form of celiac disease, they are a godsend to me. It’s the only place I can get a variety of gluten-free products. Their gluten-free Prairie Bread is wonderful. I can also get scones, cookies, and pizza crust, which I can get nowhere else. The cookies I buy are peanut butter cookies, and they are as good as any peanut butter cookie I’ve ever had – gluten-free or otherwise. So, I’m stuck with Whole Foods.

    Years ago, I hear a DJ announce that Whole Foods and HEB were going to merge. HEB is a regional chain started in Texas by Howard E. Butt. The DJ solemnly intoned that the with the merger, the new “chain” would be renamed Butt-Whole Foods.

  5. I have been on a Greek salad binge. Or at least, it’s a modified Greek salad. I have been having about one a day. I use fresh spinach, mixed salad greens, grape tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, shredded carrots, kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese, bacon bit, and pine nuts. I top it with Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinagrette. It’s absolutely delicious.

  6. Well, it does sound like a delicious salad with reminiscences of Greek.

    But why do you use bottled salad sauce? Whipping up salad dressings are fun and so quick and easy to do.

    A few nights ago I felt a bit peckish for Mongolian Beef. With the tail end of a Filet Mignon still sitting in the freezer, I though “well, why not?” and made the dish myself.

    William declared it the best Mongolian Beef ever! If I had know how easy that dish is to prepare, I would have saved myself many a call for take-out to the next Chinese restaurant.

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