The First Day Of Spring

Posted on March 20th, 2009, by Petra

Perfect temperatures.

Beautiful light.

Balmy wind.

An amazing flower arrangement.


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  1. Karen Says:

    What is that gorgeous tree? It looks like a bouquet of daffodils on a branch.

  2. Petra Says:

    I have to hang my head in shame and admit that I do not know the name. But I will find out!

    They are quite common around here, mostly with pinkish-red flowers; the yellow variant is rather rare.

    What I love about these trees is their starkness, combined with those gorgeous blooms. They grow leaves, too, but much later.

  3. Petra Says:

    Found it! It’s a Golden Trumpet Tree from the Tabebuia family.

    I still don’t know why the pinkish, reddish ones are more popular over here, but there you are – no accounting for taste.

  4. Karen Says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen one. We certainly don’t have them around here.

  5. Bluemle Says:

    Yep. Tabebuia caraiba.

  6. Petra Says:

    Oh, thanks for confirming.

    I still have a bit of a problem with classifying some of the plants and trees around here. That’s why I am so grateful for every park or botanical garden with little signs giving the name of the plants. But they don’t do that with trees just sitting there in front of a house.

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