This morning the squirrel who comes by every day for a nibble from the corn cob provided was in for a disappointment: no cob there. I was similarly astonished, because the little hanging cob basket is constructed in such a way that even a cob nibbled down to the very last kernel can’t fall out. I even checked the ground under the tree – totally cob-free.

So – where did the cob go? It was still there yesterday.

Have raccoons invaded the tree and dragged the cob off?

If so, how did they get it out of the basket?

Mysteries, strange mysteries.

2 thoughts on “Thieves!”

  1. Well, maybe if they worked in tandem: One tilts the little basket sideways, nearly horizontal, the other one grabs the cob and runs.

    I assume that the aftermath was “The War Of The Cob” with the raccoons fighting over it.

    It can’t have been humans – who would steal a nibbled at dry corn cob? AFTER Thanksgiving? Plus, one has to know that the thing is hanging there to find it; the tree is old, leafy thickness is hiding everything.

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