3 thoughts on “Random Things With Wings”

  1. I love the quail with their cute head adornment.
    We have boat tail crackles in Florida, what a noisy bird. Great photos!

  2. The winged figures of the republic are gorgeous. I also think the quail are just so cute. Did you notice my photo of the angel hitching a ride on a truck? We saw that on I-5, and it just tickled me. It seemed so odd.

  3. There is not one oddity one can not see when driving on the I-5. I have been slack-jawed more than once.

    As to the statues by Oskar J.W. Hansen, just wait until you see them – photos do not do them justice at all.

    Have you seen the “Lord of the Rings” films? If so, you might remember the moment when they float past the figures watching over the river; seeing these statues for the first time reminded me of that scene in the movie – it was a true Tolkien moment come to life.

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