Wee Little Critters

While Mom is out and about looking for food (or taking a break from parenting)


the youngsters are staying close to home.


After all, the first lesson every Californian ground squirrel learns is: “If it has feathers and comes at you from above – go underground. Double quick!”

Grey squirrels in parks


have a different strategy: “If it has feathers and comes at you from above – climb a tree. Double quick!”

2 thoughts on “Wee Little Critters”

  1. One of the things we enjoyed most was watching the squirrel antics on the back deck at my cousins’ in WA. They’ve been feeding their flock, and the little beggars are quite demanding.

  2. We have three “resident” squirrels at our squirrel feeder. They take turns coming in for food. We are always aware of the odd chance two of them meeting – then all hell breaks loose outside.

    Fighting squirrels are very, very noisy. 🙂

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