It's Official

Yes. On my personal temperature scale (pre-summer / summer / winter) two nights ago winter arrived. The first night with satisfying amounts of rain and quite a drop in temperatures. Which necessitated the employment of the winter quilt for the time to come until pre-summer. And switching on the heating in the mornings. And taking the warm jacket out of the closet. Plus a scarf and gloves. After all, at temperatures during the day of just below 60 F (16 degrees C) one needs to muffle up when outside.

Winter brings something else: clouds. The usually picture postcard blue sky takes on a new life; one can see changing panoramas, from delightfully fluffy white clouds to massive towers of billowing clouds in all hues of grey.

This is my cloud/winter picture of the day, complete with palm trees and a facade thrown in, because the composition looked so nice:


2 thoughts on “It's Official”

  1. Are you quite sure you grew up in Germany? Dragging out the coat, scarf, mittens for near 60 degree weather? I would have thought that was balmy weather in Germany. The son has a flannel sheet blanket that suffices him for what passes for winter out there.

  2. Everybody keeps asking me that. It’s hilarious. But you have to see it like that: living in a region with moderately bad to really bad weather (which means cold) does not mean that one gets used to it. I function best at temperatures from 75 F on upwards. Maybe they messed up the blue prints when I was created and used the one for a true Californian – only to dump me then in Germany.

    Never forget:

    “Summer in Germany is but winter painted green.” (Heinrich Heine)

    The full quote is: “Unser Sommer ist nur ein grün angestrichener Winter, sogar die Sonne muss bei uns eine Jacke von Flanell tragen, wenn sie sich nicht erkälten will.”

    (Our summer is but winter painted green, even the sun has to wear a flannel jacket if she doesn’t want to catch a cold.”)

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