To New Shores

November 4th 2008 will forever stay in the history books as the day when the people of the US said “enough.” They went and voted for a change and won.

Yesterday was still too filled with emotions, with letting sink in this feeling that all will be well. No, there will be no manna raining from heaven, the cows won’t shit dollar bills and there will be no wine flowing in the rivers. Times ahead will be hard, even harder than they already are – but it will be worth it.

The country is on its way to new shores. Proud and willing to do what it takes. It is wonderful to be part of this effort.

After the nastiest election campaign imaginable, many souls will be filled with inner peace again, unfolding like a serene lotus flower.


One thought on “To New Shores”

  1. It was thrilling to listen to his acceptance speech, and how people picked up the mantra of “Yes, we can.” It was wonderful to see people in the crowd moved to tears. Some of those people have been left out of the process until now. It’s about time.

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