3 thoughts on “That Glorious California Sun”

  1. What a fabulous photo. I really had to study it to understand the structure, because of the wonderful perspective you gave it. It’s actually lovely geometric art.

  2. Thanks to both of you.

    I actually have been asked now and then about my architecture photos: “Do you ever do anything but details and angles?”

    Ahem – yes, but only if no interesting details and angles are around. And trust me, they are everywhere. A few weeks ago I did one of my little safaris in Downtown Los Angeles, in a part of the warehouse district which has not yet been turned into hip and cool loft and gallery structures. I actually had planned to take shots of rundown places, crumbling walls, graffiti and the like – and ended up raving about a building of the LADWP sitting in the midst of a rather run down (and not always quite safe) area.

    Those lines! The details! The light!

    I’ll post something about that the next time.

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