Years ago, in the town where I lived in Germany, going out for Japanese food involved a drive of nearly two hours; not because the city I lived in was so big, but because the next Japanese restaurant was so far away.

Today that same town boasts three (3) Japanese restaurants. That’s one for every 100,000 people living in town.

But that is not a problem for me any longer. If I am in the mood for Japanese food (which is always) I have the choice of four places within a radius of five minutes walking distance from the house.


My cup would flow over with joy if a Ramen place would open up nearby. As it is, for that delight one has to get into the car and drive for 10 minutes.

Oh well, that is still a shorter distance than what I was used to.

3 thoughts on “O-Bento”

  1. Yum, Japanese food. We have to visit Tokoyo Steak House every so often to delight our palates.

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