Posted on July 18th, 2008, by Petra


To give birth, to nourish,

to bear and not to own,

to act and not lay claim,

to lead and not to rule:

this is mysterious power.

(Lao Tzu)

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  1. Karen Says:

    Who is that? A wonderful strong face, just on the edge of mirth, as if she had a lovely secret.

  2. Petra Says:

    My mother at 19. That photo was taken during the year after her mother had died.

  3. Karen Says:

    Did your Mum just recently die? She couldn’t have been very old. It’s so sad to lose a parent. Both mine lived to be a great age, but even then it’s a wrench. We have so many memories invested in them, so much of who we are. Do/did your parents still live in Germany?

  4. Galladan Says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a nice strong face.

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