5 thoughts on “Busy Bee”

  1. Would you email me that in a larger size if you have it, pretty please? I want to use it as computer wallpaper. My screen size is 1027 x 768. If you have it a lot larger, just send that and I can resize it. I also plan to flip it horizontally as my icons are on the left side and I want them in the clear blue so there isn’t junk on the sunflower. I can do all the sizing and flipping, so just send in whatever size you have if you have a larger size. That would be great. It’s just so beautiful.

  2. Well, my patience has been known to run short now and then – but yes, with animals (and photographing them) I tend to have oodles and oodles of it.

    As to a larger size file – one busy bee coming up in a minute or two. Have fun with the image (I downsized it slightly for faster upload, but it should still be plenty large enough for your computer).

  3. It’s gorgeous. It’s even more beautiful in the larger size. As computer wallpaper, the detail is clearer, and the lighting effects are stunning, particularly the light coming through the leaves and the shadowing & light on the flower. Thanks.

  4. I am so glad that you are pleased with it. Enjoy!

    Yes, of course the larger size brings out the details, light and nuances which are lost in the photos in here. I always lower resolution and pixels quite dramatically for the blog, so there is a distinct step down in quality.

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