6 thoughts on “White & Blue”

  1. My mean spirited child calls me up and tells me “It’s 70 here” while we’re sweltering in 103. He told me a couple of days ago you were having a “heat wave”. It was up in the 70s – well, he did say in the valley or somewhere it would get up close to 100. Bah.

  2. Texas has quite a bit of humidity, doesn’t it?

    That makes life miserable. I can stand any amount of heat quite nicely, but as soon as it gets humid I fold my wings, sit in a corner and am miserable.

    I could never live anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains.

  3. Parts of Texas are coastal and humid. Where we live is medium humidity, around 40% or less in the hottest part of summer. East Texas is forested and humid. West Texas and the panhandle are arid or outright desert and are quite dry. It’s a big state.

  4. Why do I always forget that Texas is such a huge state and has such varied climate zones?

    Maybe my brain is still not adjusted to the vastness of the US.

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