A Simple Favorite

One of the joys of childhood was being pampered after having been sick. Once the worst was over, there came the period when one was asked what one wanted to eat. A child which then perks up and asks for all of its favorite foods is a child well on the mend. I always asked for a salad, a green one; my favorite was a “Rapunzelsalat” (mâche or lamb’s lettuce).

Many years later, on a different continent, my love for mâche is still going strong. Over the past few years this delicious green has become more widely available in stores around here in SoCal. I like my “Rapunzelsalat” with a light olive oil dressing, paired with some potato salad and sprinkled with bacon bits.

A simple delight, perfectly suited for hot summer days, delicious whether one is a convalescent or not.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Favorite”

  1. That looks wonderful. Except for the eggs. I don’t like eggs. But we eat a lot of salads in the summer, especially chef salads. Yum. Now I want one.

  2. Oh, the eggs are not for me, they are for the husband. I do not eat eggs, but he loves them. So he gets them – I eat around them.

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