Etched In Gold By Lizard People

An old Hopi legend I always liked is the one about the underground cities built by the lizard people along the Pacific Coast. Apparently those cities were constructed after a catastrophic meteor shower destroyed large areas and much of the population at around 3,000 BC. The lizard people not only seemed to be quite adapt at building subterranean cities; according to the legend they also possessed the first history books, detailing the history of the Earth since creation. How much they valued those books can be assumed from the fact that they were etched on golden tablets.

Such precious materials are no longer en vogue for books, but the Los Angeles Central Library sits – if one can believe the Hopi legend – on top of the site of one of those ancient cities, which incidentally was built in the form of a lizard. A quirky humor that lot had.

Is it sheer coincidence that some gold tones went into the decoration of the roof of the library?



Maybe there is no connection – but what a wonderful thought that there might be one.

2 thoughts on “Etched In Gold By Lizard People”

  1. Beautiful. Interesting legend too, as there is so much talk now amongst scientist about the possibility of meteors and/or asteroids striking earth and the damage that would do. Or maybe I just watch too much TV.

  2. If you check the Internet you might be surprise how many slightly weird people out there sincerely believe that there is an ancient city hidden underneath Los Angeles. Oh well, as long as they have fun with it.

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