Petals & Metal

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles is not a building easily overlooked. Opinions about it vary, but can be basically divided into two camps – “love it” and “hate it.” That goes for the exterior. As far as the interior is concerned, the acoustics, the verdict is a unanimous “exceptionally fabulous.”

And then there is the roof garden, another one of those little secrets known only to those who like sticking their noses behind the scenes. When one goes to the web site of the concert hall, one has to poke around a bit to find the garden mentioned at all; even then one is left with the impression that one has to take a tour to be able to go there.

Well, that is slightly misleading. The garden is public, open all day, no tour is needed and there is no entry fee.

Best of all – the garden is beautiful. The contrast between the plants and the trees and the metal exterior of the hall is striking. Light, shadows, reflexions, striking angles and nature’s beauty combine in a way one does not see very often.


The garden is an oasis of deep serenity against a backdrop of steel. Oh, and by the way – going up don’t touch the handrails or lean against any panels unprotected from the sun. They get hot; frying egg temperature hot.

2 thoughts on “Petals & Metal”

  1. That is just gorgeous. Did you take the photo. A beautiful composition. I’ve sent you a link to a photographer (and, in fact, the whole web site is great, not just his photos).

  2. Yes, like all other photos in this blog this is one of mine. I like to go on urban photo safaris, and yesterday the light was just perfect. So we spent a few hours downtown.

    Downtown is a funny animal – hustling and busting from Monday till Friday from 8 till eight. After eight o’clock in the evening and on weekends it is dead, empty, quiet. Downtown falls asleep, to awake with a start on Monday morning.

    So, for striking photos of architecture sans people the weekend is perfect.

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