Cute With An Attitude

Even though most hummingbirds in SoCal wing it over to Mexico to spend the winter there, some stay, so that one can watch them all year long. In Spring, however, the main flock returns and one can see them everywhere.

Apart from their amazing flight abilities they also have a major attitude – they fiercely defend their territories and their feeding sources. Watching a full-blown hummer battle is quite a sight; these tiny birds really have a go at it. They do not hurt each other, but if the intruder does not fly away after an initial bluffing charge, occasionally one can see a feather or two fly.

This little member of the species however had nothing to fear. Either no other hummingbirds had discovered its feeding source – or it was replenishing spent energy after driving away all rivals.


2 thoughts on “Cute With An Attitude”

  1. I used to keep hummingbird feeders out, and I’ve seen some of those battles. They’re mean little. I’ve also had more than one zip right up to me, hover about 2′ away from my face, and stare at me before zipping off. It’s usually when I’m wearing something bright pink or red. Knowing how pugnacious they can be, it always unnerves me a bit to have one so close. The last time it happened was last May. I was standing on our hotel balcony in Big Bend National Park one morning. I had on a hot pink robe! I guess I looked delicious.

  2. Oh, I am sure you did. Who wouldn’t, clad in hot pink? Any hummingbird would agree.

    In our first apartment we used to entertain people, somewhat along the lines of “Tea and a Hummingbird Fight.”

    The apartment was on the 4. floor, the building was rather large and we were the only ones with window boxes, crammed full with all kinds of flowers to attract hummingbirds. Plus there was a feeder. This array of flowers and feeder must have been like a beacon for the little guys. Boy, did we have fights out there. Sometimes 5 hummers were having a go at each other, all going zig up, zig down, zig, zag sideway and backwards.

    It was always amazing, even more so for guests than for us, because we saw those air battles all the time.

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