2 thoughts on “They Do What?”

  1. The local squirrel street gang, which are thievin’ little bastards, eat pecans and acorns. I kept finding pecan shells and seed husks on our sidewalk. That wouldn’t have been odd, except we don’t have a pecan tree in our yard. The puzzle was solved one day when I saw one dart from the house across the street to our sidewalk, with a pecan clutched in his mouth.

    The backyard squirrel gang are just tacky. They like to tease the dogs. They know exactly how high those dogs can jump. So, the squirrels come down tantalizingly low, but just out of reach of paws & teeth. Then they taunt and scold the dogs. Squirrels can really do a good scolding, too. It just drives the dogs mad. They live in eternal hope that one of the little rodents will lose its balance and fall out of a tree or bush. It could happen.

  2. We do not have gangs of squirrels here, the gardens seem to be divided up amongst the bushy tailed ones. “One garden each, please.” Sometimes they meet on the power lines (aka squirrel highway #1); then squirrel war breaks out. Or an intruder sneaks into the tree outside my office – same result, noisy attacks and quite a ruckus, until the territory has been defended.

    As to the taunting – our “resident squirrel” likes to drive Iko-Chan mad. Her favorite spot is the sofa, where she can watch what’s going on outside. Of course she has a clear view of the squirrel feeder with the corn cob hanging outside in the tree. So, Mr. Nibbler comes along, takes his time with making a dent into the cob and then sits on the windowsill outside, staring right at the cat. The Empress of course goes wild, trying to get at the squirrel. I’ve seen that cheeky beggar standing on his hind legs, with paws against the window, basically presenting the soft belly right in front of the cat’s fangs and claws. “Ha, ha, you can’t get me!”

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