Huzita-Hatori Axioms

“The axioms assume that the operations are completed on a plane (i.e. a perfect piece of paper), and that all folds are linear.”

That is one way to describe origami. I like the hands on approach better:


This beautiful collection (only parts of it are shown) came from Boston via Burbank to L.A. Thank you, what a wonderful gift.

Lotus, fish, turtles, cranes… such delicate examples of an old art still very much alive today. So very much alive that even the mathematicians could not keep away from it. Although I must say – any origami master would probably tell me that the secret is indeed a linear fold without having to throw out some complicated formulas of the axioms.

3 thoughts on “Huzita-Hatori Axioms”

  1. No, I did not make them. My origami talents are not that advanced. They were a gift from a Chinese lady on the East Coast.

    “Naughty Origami” – now that sounds highly interesting. I should probably add that to my collection of books nobody needs but everybody likes. Some examples of that collection are:

    “1,000 Words Of American English One Should Not Know”
    “101 Uses For A Dead Cat”

  2. Oh, I love “101 Uses for a Dead Cat”. I mentioned it once on Caiterwauling and Miko said she wished she could find that book. I had it, so I sent it to her. I love it. I’ll have to check into the other.

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