Delayed By Parcel In Burbank


Sometimes a trip to the airport can be an interesting experience, provided one does not need to catch a plane. Today was one such example, attempting to drop off friends who had to fly home. As they did have to catch a plane, they could have done with a lot less of “interesting.”

Apparently a suspicious parcel had been found in the terminal. That resulted in an evacuation of the building and the surrounding area. A bomb squad moved in and took care of the parcel, which was found to contain a small TV set. (This information is unconfirmed, but was given by an airline employee.) Suspicious parcel-scare over, business returned to normal and the whole incident didn’t last too long anyway.

The interesting fact however was this: The day before an anime convention had begun at a hotel near the airport. So amongst the many passengers milling around outside the airport waiting for some kind of information about their flights were quite a few convention goers who for some reason or other had to leave earlier. They were easy to spot, they wore full anime regalia.

Which leads to the question: What rattles a check-in employee more – a bomb scare or Mituki Shinomiya and Itachi Uchiha turning up at the counter?

2 thoughts on “Delayed By Parcel In Burbank”

  1. The really, really scary part were the bad costumes. I have seen people at anime conventions with impeccable outfits, accurate down to the last detail, flawlessly executed.

    The costumes I saw that day were just bad, sloppy and ill-fitting.

    Maybe it was not a really important convention. Or those people going home earlier had been shown the door, because they lowered the standard.

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