2 thoughts on “Good Bye 2007”

  1. Us, too. Got up into the high 60s, the sky was the magnificent blue of a Ceylon sapphire. However, we are getting a cold front sometime tonight, and the days will only be in the 50s and nights in the 20s-30s for the next few days. At least we’re not having a blizzard like The Princess is in CO. No way could I be persuaded to go north of Dallas (and maybe not even that far) in winter.

  2. Our weather will keep – warm during the day (mit ’70s), chilly at night (somewhere in the ’50s).

    Of course our weather will keep – it’s Rose Parade Day tomorrow. 🙂

    We never go, much too crowded, but it is a nice tradition.

    I am getting ready for New Year’s Eve now – to you and your family an extra special happy New Year and may at least one of your deepest wishes come true in 2008.

    Take care, talk to you next year.

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