No, I do not miss German food. I know that I am lucky, because there are fellow Germans all around the US who do. Many of them pine for food from “back home.” Quite a number of online shops in the US apparently make a fortune out of selling Germans prepackaged stuff at exorbitant prices; stuff I would not have touched even back in Germany, stuff where the list of ingredients reads like an excerpt from a chemistry book.

One thing though I do miss sometimes is “real” bread. Bread, dense and chewy, but not heavy, with no added sugar or other strange things mixed in. Bread with a real crust, bread which does not go stale while sitting on your plate. Bread which does not cost $8.00 a loaf, because it is “artisan bread.” Bread which is tasty with just some butter and a sprinkling of salt.

When that craving hits me, I bake my own bread. A loaf like this:


We had that for dinner tonight . With butter, salt, a side of guacamole and some smoked trout. No, that is not a traditional German food-pairing, but very tasty. Old Europe meets West Coast. Yummy.

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