8 thoughts on “Prickly”

  1. I adore cactus. Good thing considering where i live. I have multitudes of photos I’ve taken of cactus here and yon.

    Here are some from May.





    Taken at the West Texas Nature Center in Fort Davis.

  2. Cacti are amazing plants, aren’t they? So many variations (from cute to bizarre), such perfect adaptation to the climate.

    Unfortunately I can not open your links: “Forbidden to access the server.”

  3. Wonder why it was so mean to you. It wouldn’t let me open them either. I’ll try to get the links to work tomorrow.

  4. Thanks. Those photos are wonderful – my favorite is # 7, the yellow one.

    By the way, if you want, I can take out the link from your comment, as I have seen the cacti.

  5. Long time reader / first time spammer. Really enjoying reading the blog, keep up the excellent work. Will definitely start posting more in the future.

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