By 3 PM today 27 fires were raging in SoCal. They form a blazing triangle from Ventura County inland to San Bernardino and down again to the coast in San Diego. In San Diego alone over half a million people were evacuated and thousands of those will have no home to return to – their houses have burned down.

The city of Los Angeles is safe. We know how lucky we are and blessed.

With all those fires burning the fallout is the smoke. The sky today was grayish-yellow. A rather distinct smell of burnt wood reminds us all that others are less lucky than we are. Sunrise this morning was already quite a sight; come sunset, one could look right into the sun without danger of hurting ones eyes.

Though a phenomenon like this is spectacular, I would have preferred not to have been able to take this photo.

sunset smoke_1617.jpg

One thought on “Fallout”

  1. We’ve been seeing the news reports, and the situation is indeed grim. Fires are almost living entities. No way would I want to be a firefighter. Last night on a news show was a feature about fire tornados. Like regular tornados weren’t scary enough!

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