Cold Snap

So we had the first cold spell of autumn, weather-wise. Which brought on the first cold, sniffles-wise. Because I was not dressed properly, temperature-wise. That’s not the end of the world, there are worse things which can befall mankind.

The slight irony lies in the fact that temperatures in the upper ‘60s are seen as summer in some parts of the world. Those near and dear to me often jokingly say: “But you must be used to the cold, you’re from Germany.” Used to it I was. Like it I did not.

But temperatures are on the rise again. What joy and bliss. Nevertheless it can not be wrong to bring the winter duvet and the warm sweaters out of storage. And for the cold and the sniffles there is a patent remedy at hand:

“If life hands you a cold, drink hot lemon juice with honey.”


4 thoughts on “Cold Snap”

  1. I can never remember if it’s “Feed a cold, starve a fever” or vice versa. I tend to feed everything.

    We are actually supposed to get a cold snap here Monday. The high will be 66, the low 49. That’s quite wintery for Texas. Sunday is supposed to be up to 86.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, oh – that’s colder than it was here, especially at night. 49? We don’t have that even in winter (normally).

    Today it was nice again – 83, and temperatures are still rising. That’s how I like it. Three cheers for SoCal.

  3. Our son, when he was in the Army, was stationed in Denver. He called us one day, early in September, and exclaimed, “It’s fucking snowing here. It’s not supposed to snow in September. September is supposed to be HOT.” He’s definitely a warm weather guy. He loved the weather in Redondo.

  4. Oh dear… of course September is supposed to be hot… unless one is stuck in Denver. Can you imagine? Snow for 6 months? I would die.

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