Union Station

Whenever I have the opportunity to show friends and visitors Los Angeles, I try to start at Union Station. This once was one of the major hubs for travels across the country, bustling with life, the destination for business travelers, tourists and many hopefuls who wanted to make it on the West Coast. Many, many fulfilled their dreams here, and to disembark at Union Station with its gorgeous architecture and beautiful decorations must have been a dreamlike experience in itself.

This all ended with the growing popularity of the car and air travel.

Today Union Station is alive again, against all odds. The buildings were not torn down (it was touch and go for a while), they have been restored to their former splendor. Just to sit for a while in one of the patios surrounding the main building is an experience in itself – peace and quiet reign, one can take a deep breath and relax before re-joining the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

small fountain union station

Or hop on a train. But that’s a different story.

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