Water Quality

You find them everywhere, these little reminders that yes, we live at the coast and water does drain into the Ocean.

These are the old tiles:

Very pretty with the dolphin silhouette.

These are the new tiles:

Fish bones?

Should we be worried? Very, very worried?

Learning For Life

This was the first time that I saw one of these fabled, very American, lemonade stands in action. What a marvelous teaching tool for children!

These three young girls learned about patience, money matters, how to be nice to customers, how to advertise and how to withstand the heat, because they were selling lemonade for a good cause.

It’s like a course in Business Economics and customer service in the front yard – but much more fun.

The Kids Are All Right


One TV commentator called the German soccer team the “bright young things.” I agree with him – that game today against Australia was action packed and pure delight.

Congratulations for a well-deserved 4:0. Now keep it up, will you, please?

Fußball / Futbol / Soccer


The opening game (South Africa v. Mexico) for the FIFA World Cup was reason enough to have breakfast at the Vinoteca. Never mind that it was 6.55 AM – there were plenty of guests who did not mind to crawl out of bed early for this event.

And it was all worth it: Good game, lovely atmosphere, tasty breakfast. Not bad for a Friday morning.

Oh, and the two teams tied 1:1.



What is important in life is life, and not the result of life.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Another Rarity

Never had I imagined to find one of these classic British cars running around in Los Angeles:


This is a Riley Elf MK III, a variation of the Mini. These cars were only build for four years (1965 – 1969), the total output was 30.000 cars and today only 800 are believed to be still around.

And one of them lives right here in the neighborhood. Fantastic!

Smells Like Bacon In The Morning


This is just one of the companies in California converting Diesel cars to vegetable oil burning ones.

If I were not so much in favor of smaller cars, I’d get one of those.Have a cup of coffee and a sniff of bacon while driving – now that’s a thought for breakfast.

Bold Declaration Of Affection


I bet that the driver of this car is female and was pretty excited when Daddy presented her with the car.

Somehow I do not see males declaring their affection for the sponsor of the vehicle they drive on their license plates.

But then again,  I might be wrong.