I Can Eat That

There we were, out and about to look at some art, which is always a wonderful way to spend a warm Friday evening. After having feasted our eyes, it was time for a nibble. While debating where to go we passed “Unami Burger” – according to food lore THE place to go for burgers.

I had to debate with myself, because – quite frankly – I am not into burgers. Flat, dry pieces of meat clamped between bath sponge-textured buns, dribbling with overly sweet ketchup splashed over limp salad leaves, tasteless tomato slices and the horror of horror, a slice of plastic cheese… no, I am not into burgers at all. On the other hand, “Unami Burger” was being praised for being different – okay, let’ give it a try, we said.

I am glad we did!

I have to admit, this is not the very best photo of the signature Unami Burger, but I’ll try to make up for it by describing the experience: First of all, the meat was cooked medium to perfection, the also ordered “Port & Stilton Burger” was impeccably cooked too. The cheese was not some plastic looking and tasting piece of molten rubber, but a baked lacy Parmesan slice. The tomato – roasted; mushrooms – sauteed. Just looking at it I thought: Hey, I can eat that!

And eat it I did. Nothing dribbled, nothing fell off, even the bun tasted good. Paired with some sweet potato fries with homemade tomato ketchup, which we shared, it was a very pleasant and good meal. I wouldn’t know about the much touted “5th Taste Experience” – let’s just say, this is a burger I would have again if I happened to pass by the place.

And that is high praise for something I am normally not into at all.

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