Moat Seating Only

A trip to San Francisco is always fun: Walking along the streets, hopping on buses, going down to the Bay and…

Sushi Boats in San Francisco

…yes, having sushi at my favorite restaurant in SF – Isobune in Japantown.

Not only is the food delightful, eating at Isobune is just fun! Sitting around the moat, watching the boats with their tasty morsels float by, grabbing one and then waiting for the next little dish which is just calling out to you…

As a kid you were never allowed to play with your food – here the eating experience is playtime in a big way!

2 thoughts on “Moat Seating Only”

  1. The difficult part is all the pictures. The actual fish doesn’t always look like the picture, so sometimes you’re picking up something on faith. Could be Tuna, but could be Sea Urchin!

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