What A Beautiful Noise

It started a week ago with some cryptic markings on the sidewalks and the street. Yesterday a palm tree had to be taken out.


Then the men with the hard hats and the plans moved in.



Today the jack hammers went all day outside.

Do I grumble? No! Those jack hammers are music to my ears; finally, after years of petitioning from all neighbors, traffic lights are being put up at our corner.

It will take about two months until the lights will be up and running, the friendly engineers told me. Until then the sound of the jack hammers will be with us some more. But after the work is finished, one sound will be gone from the neighborhood for good: The screeching of brakes and the terrible moment afterwards when one is waiting for the scrunch of metal on metal of yet another horrible accident due to speeding cars.

Yes, work those jack hammers! A lovelier noise I have never heard.

2 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Noise”

  1. Yes. It sounds like a war is being waged outside our windows. But it is completely worth it.

  2. Did you see that the traffic lights are up? I’ll post some new photos tomorrow!

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