Superbowl Sunday

This snoozing hippo was not the only one totally disinterested in the sporting event of the year.


After the rush to the stores to stock up on chips, dips, beer, wings, pizza and related foodstuff essential for a Superbowl Sunday the streets emptied out and the town was all ours.

Unamerican? No, nice!

4 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday”

  1. Do you take all the pictures too?
    I am very impressed by how beautiful they are…love the hippo!

    Have you ever thought about making up stories about your pictures? I mean actual little 500-1000 word “bedtime” stories.

    I came across this Hippo and thought he (if it was a he) seemed so at ease, and more then anything right then, I wanted to touch him. As I watched him for a while a little whisper entered my thoughts, “Come on over, ” said the gravelly voice, “it’s lovely here.”
    I swear, he looked me in the eye and it sparkled…it had to have been my imagination, this huge beast speaking into my brain.
    I watched as a little hummingbird swooped past him and my gaze followed the jagged flight. As my thoughts distracted away from him the deep voice came back, “Come on over my new friend, it’s beautiful here.”
    I looked right into his eye (I could only see one, you know) and smiled. He responded with a snort and a grunt and a smile…I swear, he smiled!

  2. Hippos seem to smile most of the time. Did you know that they are most closely related to whales? Somewhere, back in time, some hippo baby said “No! I won’t come to bed. I’m going to stay in the water forever!” I’m sure his mother said “You just wait, young man! Your legs will shrivel up and disappear and then where will you be!”

  3. Oh yes, all the pictures are my own. I rarely leave the house without the camera bag slung over my shoulder; William has long become used to the fact that sometimes progress – wherever we go – is quite slow, but he suffers it with smiling patience.

    Over time I have learned to “see” things differently; photography really has become a hobby. It helps to live in an area where the light is nearly always perfect and to be surrounded by something interesting just around every corner.

  4. What an amazing pic, Petra. I didn’t know that side of yours. Keep doing this great work!

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