That’s the beauty of Southern California: every kind of outdoor activity is just a short drive away.


This photo was taken in Griffith Park, where we hiked with plenty of water and in short sleeves. With it being officially Winter, no shorts (but that is just us – other hikers just went by temperatures and not by date when choosing their outfits consisting of shorts and tank tops).

If we were of the skiing type, we could have been up there on the slopes in Big Bear two hours later.

Our region really caters to every taste.

2 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. After record setting heat this summer, we have also had record setting cold this winter. It got down to 14 degrees this past weekend. It’s just miserable.

  2. No, over here it is not cold, actually it is much too warm. We need rain!!!!!

    Yesterday we had some drops, but only for an hour or two. It is not looking good, not looking good at all, unless we get some serious rain over the next few months.

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