Before / During / After

Before the rains the L.A. River looked like this:


After four days of rain and storms one could see this:


Once the rains stopped the mountains looked like this:


I have never seen that much snow up in the mountains – it is simply amazing. In the ski resorts everybody is happy – skier, snowboarder, they all put the chains on their vehicles and drove up to enjoy the freshly fallen powder snow.

They are having fun up there, while we down here in the Flatlands are enjoying the lush green sprouting everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Before / During / After”

  1. Beeyouteeful. We’ve had more than usual rain (desperately needed) and cold weather. If the weather & rainfall stays right, we should have a magnificent crop of bluebonnets this year. We’ve had just the right weather for them to germinate and proliferate. We were so dry here last year, that even with all the rain, our area lakes are still not full, but getting there.

  2. We had another 1 1/2 days of rain and unfortunately a lot of mudslides, leading to many families being evacuated from their houses. The danger after the fires during last summer are not over – every new day of rain brings more disasters.

    And yet, we need the rain, and even with more in the forecast, it will not be enough – not enough by a long stretch.

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