Alive And Well – The Supper Club

It only took about a year of gentle coaxing by a dear former colleague until we finally stepped through this door


to find out that behind it there hides a real honest-to-God supper club with an amazing offer in Jazz music.

Our introduction to Jax was made all the more pleasurable by Mike Gurley and the Night Caps. If you want to swoon to music a bit strangely called “cocktail music”, go there. It is well worth the time; those musical cocktails are tasty with a distinct modern edge.

How good is this place? Well, we stayed until midnight. That should say it all and is our stamp of approval.

2 thoughts on “Alive And Well – The Supper Club”

  1. We rarely go to clubs, but one we enjoy is called The Elephant Room. It’s in a cellar, right on Congress Avenue in Austin. We go when a group called Crying Monkeys is there. One of the guitarists is the son of good friends. Plus we like the music. The music is called choro music and is Brazilian. There are some more beautiful choro songs and an explanation of choro on the second web link.

  2. “Congress Avenue in Austin,” William said “oh yes, I know it well.” He was also very much taken with your choice in music – choro is always good.

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