10 thoughts on “We've Come A Long Way, Baby”

  1. Yes, the “good old times” might have been good for those who did not have to sully their lily white hands with menial work…

    But – I try anything for a laugh. I know that making masa for tamales from scratch is backbreaking (or rather arm breaking) hard work, because I did it. Once. Just to learn about the experience. And to appreciate the fact that we can buy ready-made masa at the Pupuseria.

    However, grinding your own corn for it – no way, Jose.

  2. You make tamales? Wow. That’s a lot of work. I’ve never even attempted it. I leave that to the tias y abuelitas y mamacitas.

  3. Well, if you buy the masa ready prepared, it is fun and not that much work. I had to admit though that I make tamales only on special occasions.

    Mole, on the other hand – now that is work; it takes two days. That is a specialty of William and the results are fabulous.

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