Culinary Heaven

Last week we had to go down to Santa Monica to the Broad Theater. With triple digit temperatures outside we did not look forward to the ride, but decided to go anyway and early to have some dinner before the event. We parked the car at the theater and wandered off in search for food and found Warszawa on 1414 Lincoln Boulevard.


Nice, we thought, not L.A. at all.

That was not all; on reading the menu I started swooning. Cold Borscht! Just what one needed on a sweltering hot day.


But the surprises did not end there – they had Steak Tartar! Steak… Tartar…


It was incredible, goodness on a plate, paired with chopped onions, mushrooms and pickles. I’m afraid I bored William to death with my stories about this dish, where I had eaten it all over Europe and how much I had missed it. That, by the way, was the funniest side-effect of discovering this restaurant – it awakened a culinary homesickness in me I did not know I had.

The others dishes were good too – a perfect broth with little lamb ravioli (what a delicate taste) and Gnocci afterwards. But the Steak Tartar… I am drooling while writing this.

After a perfectly divine meal, finished off with some Espresso, we toddled back to the Broad for an equally heavenly lecture on Richard Wagner’s “Ring” cycle.

Food for body and mind – what a delightful evening.

2 thoughts on “Culinary Heaven”

  1. You’re braver than I am. I won’t eat raw meat of any kind. I won’t even eat sushi. In fact, when I order a burger or steak, I want it well done. I can stand a little pink, but not much. I think it’s a Texas thing, although I’m the only one in my family with that taste. The kids and Ken like beef so rare that I think their instructions should be “Just knock the breath out of it and carve.”

  2. Many of my American friends react like you – they would never ever touch raw meat. Even William would never go down that road. He took a taste, but that was it. Even though he admitted that it tasted “quite nice,” he did not look too enthusiastic. I assume it is an acquired taste – and I happen to love, love, love it.

    Contrary to you my friends and William are fine with sushi. No, where is the difference between raw fish and raw meat, I ask?

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