3 thoughts on “Decisions On A Hot L.A. Day”

  1. Unfortunately a not so well kitty right now. She had to go to the vet yesterday for some skin ailment, which baffled the good doctor. They started some treatment and tests, the first results should come in today, others will take three weeks.

    Iko-Chan is still grumbling about the indignity of it all.

  2. Oh, poor, poor baby. Ginger gets this flakey stuff on her back, mostly around her tail. I’m not sure what it is. She also has greasy fur. It’s not soft and smooth like most kitties’ fur is. I take her to the groomer about once a month. They clip her fur very short, except her tail and neck ruff. It feels very soft and velvety then. She loves it. When she gets back from the groomer’s, she preens. Red hisses at her. They also bathe her – with Selsun Blue shampoo, which seems to really help the flakiness. If she gets too greasy & flakey between groomings, I just bathe her myself. She doesn’t like it, but she’s quite docile. Keep me posted about Iko-Chan. You have my email.

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