Exposition Park (Part III) – SKETCH Foundation Gallery

Besides the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the California African American Museum the park is home to the California Science Center, part of which is the Sketch Foundation Gallery – Air and Space Exhibits.

Just to make sure that nobody who wants to visit the gallery gets lost, they decorated the outside of the building (architect: Frank Gehry) with a jet fighter plane.


Another impressive outside exhibit is a Titanium A-12 Blackbird trainer, the one and only ever built.


It is easy to detect that this is a “trainer plane” – two cockpits! Just like driving school – two sets of instruments for managing the vehicle, only at a speed of Mach 2.0.

Also on display outside is a DC 8:


Although I am not quite sure whether this plane hasn’t been put up in conjunction with the Ornithological Society of Los Angeles – it is basically “Starling Central.” Yes, I kid you not, in every single opening of the hull starlings have built nests with loudly muttering offspring inside and parent birds frantically flying to and fro to feed the hungry brood. Here one can see the tail of a a starling slipping inside to tend to the kiddies:


And it’s okay with me. Starling, A-12 or DC 8 – I love all things with wings.

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  1. How about one of that size in your backyard?

    The starling would love you for it and probably bring you some tasty worms and insects.

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