My Favorite New Kitchen Toy

I like cooking dinner. It is a transition period to glide from the working day into a pleasant work free evening; so cooking might be classified  as a hobby for me, soothing for the nerves and with a tasty result in the end.

As with every hobby, one needs toys. I finally found one I had craved for quite a while – a double-burner stove top grill pan.


With this nice, sturdy, heavy-duty pan roasted vegetables are done in no time.


Sprinkled with olive oil, lime juice, salt and fresh ground pepper, they can rest while some pork chops rubbed with basil are being grilled.


Add a salad, some wine and a friend = a perfect meal for three with a preparation time of 30 minutes from start to finish.

As I said, cooking is a hobby. And I love my new toy.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite New Kitchen Toy”

  1. We are down to only two working burners on the stove top, and one working element in the oven. Also, the light and timer on the microwave don’t work. They’re all 28 years old, so it’s little wonder. Obviously, I don’t cook that much any more. But I really am going to have to get out the wallet and buy new appliances. I just hate to part with the money. Our stove is a JennAir cook top, with a grill. Our oven/microwave is a built-in combination. Replacing all of it’s going to be expensive (or at least to my cheap way of thinking).

  2. Although I see your point of view, try this line of reasoning:

    Divide the money for the new stove etc. by time of usage. Even if you only assume a time span of 10 – 15 years (when you will move in with one of your children, LOL), that new range will be cheap if you buy a good one.

    If you buy a cheap one, it might be more expensive, because it might break down sooner.

    So, go for the good stuff and enjoy.

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