7 thoughts on “Action Cat”

  1. The only time our Ginger gets any exercise is when I’m tying or untying my shoelaces. She chases the ends. Red, however, will run up and down the house for the joy of running. He’ll chase the laser pointer endlessly, too.

  2. Iko_Chan, being the elderly cat that she is (11 years old), needs a push to move faster than at her usual majestic pace. Oftentimes this push comes from Julchen (5 years old), who is still frisky enough for the odd cat fight. J. also hogs the cat toy (as seen above). “Mine! Mine!” she screeches when it comes out of its hiding place.

    Hiding place? Oh yes. If not hidden behind safely locked doors, the cats drag the toy out and around the house. Both of them. Hidden fruit seem to be so much tastier! Okay, we’ve all been there. 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, we have one of those toys, too, Da Bird. The cats love it excessively. It has to be put away in an upper cabinet. If left anywhere a cat might remotely jump, they will find it and have a romp with it.

  4. The proper way to name it would be “Gesäß.” That comes from the verb “sitzen.”

    Mostly used is “Hinterteil” or “Hintern.” That’s rather neutral and basically means “rear end.”

    If you want to be cute you might say “Po” or “Popo” or even “Popöchen.”

    If you are from the North, you might use “Achtersteven” as in “back end of a ship.”

    I would never use “Arsch,” because when I grew up that was considered really low-class; today it has become more widely accepted, but I would be very hesitant with this word – for me it is just not acceptable.

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