I Want One! Or Several.

We all have them: dreams about where to retire. My favorite location would be somewhere desert-y, near a small liberal university with a good reputation, in an adobe house with a backyard where flocks of California quail come by regularly to take dust baths with their offspring. Nothing amuses me more than those quail with their little crests going bobbety-bob while they rush around. These birds are always so busy.

I’ve adjusted that plan a bit. In addition to the quail with the crests I also want some furry chickens.


This is a Chinese Silkie. I saw several of them at a petting zoo, where they were being chased by toddlers (that’s the reason why this Silkie is sitting on the arm of a young lady in charge of the animals – otherwise no photo would have been possible). These birds are amazing. They are rather tiny, apparently they have the sweetest disposition and they look as if they are wearing shaggy, silky, very stylish fur coats.

I instantly fell in love with them. So much so that I can hardly wait to see them running around in that back yard in the desert near some small, liberal university town. Maybe they will even take dust baths together with the California quails.

2 thoughts on “I Want One! Or Several.”

  1. I love chicken(s) – in any form. If you want to keep them as pets, beware of raptors. They love chicken, too. 🙂

    Do you like Prescott, Arizona? I have just the lot for you. Mountainview, cute town, active cultural life, college as well, albeit not very well known.

  2. Prescott is wonderful. I also think you would like Prescott. I don’t generally like birds (goes back to my childhood), but even I think the silkie would be a great pet.

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