Classic Car. New Look.

Normally I prefer classic cars to be restored along the lines of the originals – original parts, colors etc.

Now and then one sees a variation, taking the theme of the classic car to another dimension. In this case, I like the universe this finned beauty came from.

Even the trunk ornament is not overly irritating and tacky, paired with the matte black. I would never go that far, but once again – this is a New Look I can live with.


5 thoughts on “Classic Car. New Look.”

  1. I am of the era of the big finned cars, and still love the old gas guzzlers. They are something to behold. Strangely enough, when she was in high school, my daughter would have rather had one of those old 50s cars than a brand new BMW. She didn’t get either one. In 1993, her senior year, I think it was, we bought her a ’79 Toyota Corolla for $500. It was a great little car that she named “Pedro”. Of course, it was old and dinged, and it embarrassed her when ALL her friends had nice cars. It was exactly what we were after – humility for her. Of course, all her friends, the ones with the new cars, thought Pedro was fabulous, because he had character and was different.

  2. After I submitted the previous comment, I realized that when the kids were growing up, they named most of our cars. Over the years, we had “The Blue Bomb”, “The Turd”, “The Silver Bullet”, “The Frisbee”, “Pedro”, “Scooter”, and “Sylvia”. Alas, our current neglected vehicles are nameless.

  3. I’ll bet your son considered it his “baby”, too.

    Pedro had one feature the kids loved. They fought to drive him, because he was standard shift, and would backfire when the drive eased off on the gas at about 40 MPH or higher. They would take Pedro out on the freeway, roar up to a bridge, let off the gas under it, and the resulting “boom” would resound off the bridge structure. They thought that was great fun. Teenagers are easily amused.

  4. My cars (and boy, I had a lot) never had names, with one exception – a Miata. It came in this bright blue which we always called “Lego brick blue”. One day somebody gave me a model of a Miata in exactly the same shade of blue and from that day on the big Miata had a nickname “the blue toy car” (das blaue Spielzeugauto).

    Apart from that, I am rather like Holly Golighty:she called her cat “Cat”, I call my cars “Car.”

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