A New (Not Quite Welcome) Record

The unseasonably hot weather ended yesterday with temperatures of 85° F (29° C); this broke the record from 1912 with  temperatures of 82° F (28° C).

Yes, on January 20th.

The forecast for today: 76° F (24° C) and rain at night. Indeed, the sky looked more textured this morning, promising some precipitation.


Whether the much needed rain will arrive has to be seen.

3 thoughts on “A New (Not Quite Welcome) Record”

  1. We were in the mid-70s yesterday, and will be again today. But, there have been only a couple of years in recorded weather keeping in which there were no days in January in the 70s.

    When you are done with the rain there, please send it here. We are desperate.

  2. It is 8:15 AM and it just started to rain! Well, it’s more a bit of a drizzle, but never mind, we are happy about any of the lovely wetness.

    And it’s this wonderful rain minus the cold; at 65 F one can not really complain, because after all, it is winter.

    So, why don’t y’all move to SoCal? It seems to be “the spot” right now. 🙂

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