Could We Have Some Rain, Please?

Last year the rainy season started on September 23rd.

Today, on September 30th, we had 95° F (35° C) at 5:30 PM; in the Valley it was even hotter. These temperatures are supposed to last until the weekend. Whether there will be any rain later is still somewhat doubtful.

On the upside: the mornings are wonderful. It is cool and dark and quiet. No rain, but a wonderful waning moon hanging over the tree tops. Daylight and the heat are still a bit away (as it is only right and proper at 6:00 AM).


3 thoughts on “Could We Have Some Rain, Please?”

  1. I have never been able to take a good moon photo. That is gorgeous. We have been having nice weather for a change. Down about 59 at night, up to around 90 in the day. Cool for this time of year here. It was wonderful in Columbus. Low 50s at night, mid to high 70s in the day. That’s unusually hot for your area, isn’t it? We are something like 21″ behind in rain for the year. Everything is parched and brown.

  2. It is a bit unusual that this heatwave is lasting that long and started so late in September. Usually the rainy season starts around the end of September, but this year we will have to wait a while longer, it seems.

    Generally the trend over the last few years (according to meteorologists in our area) seems to have been that exceptionally hot temperatures (over 90 F) have been recorded more and more often and and for longer periods at a stretch.

    And this in a area still under the influence of the cooler breeze from the ocean; in the Valley temperatures are generally about 10 F higher than here. So yes, we do have water problems and the water police is out and about to check whether people are complying with watering regulations.

  3. I was off on the amount of rain we are behind. It’s only about 15″. We have had approximately half as much rain as normal for this time of the year.

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