Yes, in California that means “Bring Your Own Bag.” Julchen (aka “The Beach Bum”) was kind enough to pose in front of the bags to give an idea of the scale of these reusable shopping bags. They are not tiny, they are sturdy and one can stuff them with an amazing load of groceries. Instead of using up 10 plastic bags, two bags do the trick – again and again and again.

These bags are available at IKEA. For the whopping price of $1.99 each. A bargain, I would say – and good for the environment.

2 thoughts on “BYOB”

  1. Our local chain (HEB) sells some like them for $0.99. They actually gave them away for Earth Day. I have about 8, Ken has his own, we gave several to each of the kids. Unfortunately, about half the time, I forget to take mine in. I hate the plastic bags. If I remember in time, I’ll go out to the car and get mine before I get in line. Julchen must have known that the blue is a lovely backdrop for her gorgeous inky fur.

  2. It takes a while, but then one does remember to always grab the bags out of the trunk before going into the supermarket.

    As far as Julchen and her choice of backdrop is concerned (to show her off at her best advantage) – remember, she is a poser; she would never be caught not looking her very, very best when a camera is around.

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